Design you need

Design that suits your needs. We like to deliver exactly what you need and when you need it. Our designs are simple and they talk to your client for you.

High Quality

Every time we work on a project, we are doing marketing. That’s why we deliver more. Our quality is better than what you hope for. Try us!


“Peace-of-mind” design

We know what you need. You need someone that could do for you what you need, without you having to constantly micromanage everything. That’s us. We are here to help you focus on your business.

30% first-time discount

We believe in you, we believe in your business, we are going to work together anyway. We want to help you decide, by giving you one time 30% discount for your first work.

Our Latest Works

Virtual staging of dinning room

Urban Industrial style render of dinning room

Scandinavian style 3d architectural visualization render

Scandinavian style apartment 3d architectural visualization

Scandinavian 3d render

Scandinavian style home office 3d visualization before and after effect

virtual staging render

Industrial living and dining 3d visualization

3D renovation pool render

Courtyard pool 3d renovation before and after effect

Office nook 3D interior visualization

New edge of the visualization experience!

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White Rook’s Core Features


Photoshop editing

Our Photoshop services range from photo editing to design and product visualizations. In combination with 3D, we are proud to offer you something that you will surely be satisfied with.

Interior renders

We can translate your idea into a render. If you don’t have an idea – don’t worry, we can do the design for you. Interior renders help you and your client communicate and do business easier.


Exterior renders

You idea will be presented exactly as you ask us to. We want you to have better visualizations, we want you to work easier.

Virtual staging

We are proud to offer bespoke staging based on your photo of empty room. If you have images with furniture in them, we can clean them too. The result you’ll get will amaze you. This service is very fast and easy. All you have to do is to send us a photo and forget about it.

360 degrees panorama

This is a new and very interesting way of presenting your interiors. Your client can either use mouse or a phone to explore your idea. Very easy and interesting way of presenting.



Pleasing animations to fully compliment your product. Commercial and technical animations to show your idea. Играйте увлекательно и эмоционально в игровые автоматы на нашем сайте. Побеждайте, срывая крупные джекпоты!